Thin Blue Line 25-125 Qt Hard Coolers by Bison

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First of all, when you decide to invest in a cooler, you’re going to want to make sure it, well, actually keeps food and drinks cool long enough to outlast a summer fishing trip or a winter excursion into the mountains.

Bison coolers are manufactured for longer ice retention and excellent protection from forest critters, thanks to their rotomolded construction and premium-quality insulation. Our coolers also stand apart from the crowd thanks to:

  • Proprietary polyurethane insulation foam that was specially-developed by Bison and matches the ice retention of more expensive brands
  • 2” thick insulation inside the lid for added protection from the sun’s direct heat. (Two-inch insulation runs throughout the walls of the cooler)
  • Silicone, shark fin lid gasket features double-wall construction that circumvents the entire interior lid and makes for an airtight seal


When preparing to purchase a new cooler – especially for outdoor use – durability will probably be one of your concerns. After all, no one wants to spend a pretty penny on a fancy, new cooler for a week-long fishing trip only to have it let you down 75 miles from the nearest outdoor supply store.

When you decide to go with a Bison cooler, you get a top-of-the line product that has:

  • Unique cantilever design lid latches with a breaking point of over 170 pounds of force, which means they won’t break down as fast over time
  • Full-length, self-stop aluminum hinges that’ll ensure the lid stays attached to the cooler no matter what
  • Anti-skid rubber feet that are secured to each cooler and will keep it from sliding around during boating and (off)road trips

Rest assured that ours are industry-leading for a reason. Our coolers are truly built for the harshest environments. For a durable product ideal for hunting, fishing, or backyard barbecues, check out our versatile 50 Quart hard cooler


Most coolers come in common sizes, like 50, 75, or 100 quarts. But what those other big-name brands won’t tell you is that their advertised capacity is almost never the same as their actual capacity.

When you purchase a 125 Quart Bison cooler, you get a cooler that actually holds 125 quarts. No gimmicks, no marketing wordplay – you get exactly what you pay for. And you can hold us to that.


In the market for a mobile camping cooler to accompany you on all those outdoor excursions, you’re going to want something that won’t bog you down.

Most Bison coolers can be carried by one person, but are easy for two people to carry thanks to the longer rope handles. Other features that make our coolers easy to use are the:

  • Integrated ruler on the lid that makes it quick and easy to measure your catch
  • Dual, oversized drain plugs on each side for easier draining
  • Open grab rails that make it easy to tie and secure your cooler